Super Tuesday political primer; ESPN Deportes’ Dolores Lozano; The Vanity

Welcome to Episode 32 of The Weekly Brew – on this week’s podcast, we cover all the bases, talking politics, sports and music on this special Leap Day edition.

First, we welcome in Texas State Representative Matt Shaheen (R) and Harris County Democratic Party Chairman Lane Lewis, who help break down the political landscape in advance of Super Tuesday. Shaheen discusses what conservatism means and the issues the GOP has gotten away from in recent memory, while Lewis addresses the issues facing Houston – the most diverse city in the U.S. – and the effect Bernie Sanders has had, energizing the electorate. Both discuss the significance of the Trump candidacy and what it means that Trump is as powerful and popular as he is.

Dolores Lozano, of ESPN Deportes and a Baylor grad (another Bear!), calls in to talk about her path to a career in sports and the state of the Baylor and University of Houston programs, as well as the Houston sports landscape.

Finally, Alex Dugan, the Houston-born lead singer of Austin-based band The Vanity, joins us to discuss what it means to be a rock and roll band and promote The Vanity’s upcoming show (with former podcast guests Second Lovers!) at Raven Tower in Houston Saturday, March 5. We’ll definitely be there and so should you! Visit their website to get tickets.

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Oscar predictions; NBA trade deadline; Power hour with YouTube star Ali Spagnola

In an exciting week for The Weekly Brew, we welcome in Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press and Preachin Pistons podcast, Hollywood-insider Dave Morales of and Fox 26 and YouTube star Ali Spagnola.

First, we dive into the NBA Trade Deadline action with Ellis, who breaks down the recent trade between the Pistons and Rockets which sent fan-favorite Donatas Motiejunas and streak-shooter Marcus Thornton to Detroit and brought back a first-round draft pick for Houston. Ellis, as a guy who watches Andre Drummond day in and day out, has some understandably strong feelings about the “Hack-a” strategy that Houston fans have come to know and hate.

Morales, fresh off nailing every one of his Grammy predictions, brings his hot hand to the podcast, sharing his predictions for the major Oscar categories. If you’re a degenerate gambler (and we know some of you are), bet the farm on his picks, and thank us later. He discusses the growth of Leonardo DiCaprio, an old party buddy, and breaks down his recent chat with Morgan Freeman in advance of London Has Fallen.

Finally, we welcome in YouTube sensation Ali Spagnola – comedienne, musician (musicienne?) and quasi-polymath. She discusses her battles in trademark law, her One-Gal Band projects and is just generally charming and clever all-through.

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ESPN’s Paul Catalina discusses sexual assaults on college campuses; Justice Scalia; Buxton

buxton-800x600.jpgThis week, The Weekly Brew’s first-ever guest – Paul Catalina of ESPN Central Texas – returns to the show to discuss the goings on at Baylor, including the recent candlelight vigil in support of sexual assault victims, Ken Starr’s handling of the multitude of sexual assault accusations in recent memory – primarily against Tevin Elliott and Sam Ukwuachu, who were both ultimately convicted on rape charges — and the general milieu of college athletics, on the whole, in regards to rape allegations, including some discussion impending lawsuit against the University of Tennessee, by six women alleging the university, “created a student culture that enables sexual assaults by student-athletes, especially football players.”

On a lighter note, Catalina also discusses where NFL quarterbacks Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III might land, and -SPOILER ALERT- Dallas is a possibility for both. As though Jerry Jones needs any more disfunction in that locker room.

The guys also get into the passing of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Scalia, a polarizing figure (to say the least), whose sudden death leaves a very politically impactful vacancy on the SCOTUS bench. To say this will have an impact on the upcoming elections is an enormous understatement. Austin, Kevin and Jeremy break down the passing of one of America’s most powerful men and what will become of it going forward.

Finally, Sergio Trevino, of Houston’s Buxton, discusses his band’s latest album, Half a Native, and some of the better aspects of the underrated Houston music scene. Trevino discusses working with LA producer Thom Monahan, who has worked with artists like Devendra Banhart, Vetiver and Beachwood Sparks, and the process of writing and recording an album. Be sure to check Buxton out at and on iTunes.

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Chron’s Joseph Duarte; Aussie DJ Brooke Evers; Election 2016; Super Bowl Review


The guys are all finally together, podcasting from the same room as they analyze the pitiful competition, commercials and halftime show that comprised Super Bowl 50. Does Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton have a body language problem? Is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning one of the best of all time at the position?

Next, the guys wade into the political morass that was the Iowa Caucus, though it is uncertain whether Kevin could locate the Corn Belt state on a map. Donald Trump’s campaign is showing some cracks and Bernie Sanders’s supporters are evidently taking to Tinder to spread the #FeeltheBern message, which has the company locking supporters’ accounts.

Joseph Duarte, University of Houston beat writer for the Houston Chronicle, joins to talk #HTownTakeover, National Signing Day and analyze the college athletics landscape, determining where Houston falls in the grander scheme going forward. Duarte also breaks down how the field of sports journalism is evolving (or possibly devolving) as technology advances.

Finally, Australian DJ Brooke Evers calls in to talk about her music, her experience being a woman in a male-dominated EDM scene and talk about her upcoming show at Houston’s Proof Rooftop Lounge, Friday Feb. 12, part of her #IPartiedWithBrookeEvers tour. She shares her distinctly Aussie perspective on the music scene, and is not to be missed.

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Super Bowl 50 preview with Lawrence Gilligan and Troy Renck; College basketball and Phi Slama Jama discussion with ESPN’s Reid Gettys

It’s all hands on deck for this packed Super Bowl 50 preview episode of the podcast. WSOC-TV (Charlotte) anchor Lawrence Gilligan breaks down the Panthers’ season and gets into the impact of the fairy tale season Cam Newton and the cats have had, and what a Super Bowl win would mean to the Carolinas. Denver Post NFL/Broncos beat writer Troy Renck calls in to illustrate why no one should be counting the Broncos out just yet.

The guys break down some interesting prop bets and debate the merits of legalized gambling. Don’t place your bets without hearing this insightful analysis of the various ways you can entertain yourself by putting money up on the Super Bowl.

Finally, Reid Gettys — ESPN college basketball analyst, full-time ExxonMobil lawyer, Phi Slama Jama alum and University of Houston all-time assists leader — calls in to talk about the college basketball landscape and the parity in the game, and preview possible candidates for the Final Four, which he helped bring to Houston this year as part of the NCAA Local Organizing Committee.

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