Oscar predictions; NBA trade deadline; Power hour with YouTube star Ali Spagnola

In an exciting week for The Weekly Brew, we welcome in Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press and Preachin Pistons podcast, Hollywood-insider Dave Morales of BackstageOL.com and Fox 26 and YouTube star Ali Spagnola.

First, we dive into the NBA Trade Deadline action with Ellis, who breaks down the recent trade between the Pistons and Rockets which sent fan-favorite Donatas Motiejunas and streak-shooter Marcus Thornton to Detroit and brought back a first-round draft pick for Houston. Ellis, as a guy who watches Andre Drummond day in and day out, has some understandably strong feelings about the “Hack-a” strategy that Houston fans have come to know and hate.

Morales, fresh off nailing every one of his Grammy predictions, brings his hot hand to the podcast, sharing his predictions for the major Oscar categories. If you’re a degenerate gambler (and we know some of you are), bet the farm on his picks, and thank us later. He discusses the growth of Leonardo DiCaprio, an old party buddy, and breaks down his recent chat with Morgan Freeman in advance of London Has Fallen.

Finally, we welcome in YouTube sensation Ali Spagnola – comedienne, musician (musicienne?) and quasi-polymath. She discusses her battles in trademark law, her One-Gal Band projects and is just generally charming and clever all-through.

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