USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach previews Rio 2016 and Team USA Swimming; USA Men’s Basketball w/ Steve Carp; Astros w/ Jake Kaplan

Welcome to this very exciting 54th episode of The Weekly Brew podcast. We welcome in USA Today sportswriter Nicole Auerbach, Houston Chronicle Astros beat reporter Jake Kaplan (a two-time guest) and five-time Nevada Sportswriter of the Year, Steve Carp of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

First, Auerbach dives (HA!) into Team USA Swimming, which she will be covering at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. She offers some insight into the preparation and mentality of Olympic veterans like Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin, as well as detailing why everyone will be talking about Katie Ledecky after the Games this summer. Auerbach also shares how she got into sportswriting, and how pioneers like Lisa Olson and Christine Brennan paved the way for women in sports media today.

Next, Jake Kaplan calls in to talk about the Astros. When last Kaplan and the BrewCast spoke, the Astros were struggling through a very tough April, but since his last call, the ‘Stros are one of the hottest teams in baseball (despite the rough weekend in Detroit). What sparked the turnaround, and can the Astros sustain the momentum into the playoffs? Kaplan encourages fans not to worry about Alex Bregman’s slow start in the majors and offers a timeline for when Yulieski Gurriel can be expected to contribute, after the Astros signed him to a five-year $47.5 million contract.

Finally, Steve Carp, who watched Team USA Basketball train and compete in their first exhibition in Las Vegas, calls in to talk about this year’s squad, including a look at why DeMarcus Cousins is so unstoppable in international play and why Kevin Durant was booed in his first 2016 international game. Carp also covers the NHL, and provides a look at what the NHL expansion into Las Vegas might mean for leagues like the NBA, MLB and NFL putting a team in Sin City.

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TCU’s Gary Patterson, Big 12 Expansion; Chron’s David Barron on MLB hacking scandal + Simone Biles

Welcome to the 53rd Episode of The Weekly Brew podcast – this week, TCU Football head coach Gary Patterson joins us, along with Houston Chronicle’s David Barron, and we get into the Big 12 expansion talks and the week that was at the RNC.

First, Patterson calls in to preview the Horned Frogs’ season, starting with a very tough September, breaking down the quarterback competition between Foster Sawyer and Kenny Hill. Coach Patterson also speaks to the Big 12 expansion discussions, positing that the University of Houston would be an excellent candidate for several key reasons. Coach Patterson also speaks to his relationship with new Baylor head football coach Jim Grobe and what Bears fans can expect with Grobe at the helm.

Next, the BrewCast discusses the expansion talks in more depth, considering how schools like BYU, Boise State, UH, Cincinnati and Memphis might fit into the Big 12’s expansion plans, and whether 12 teams or 14 teams would make for a stronger conference long term. Austin, Jeremy, Dolores and Kevin also look back at the goings on in the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week, and consider whether an Astros World Series victory is a fair trade for a term of (ugh) Trump.

Finally, David Barron of the Chronicle joins us to illuminate the sentencing of former St. Louis Cardinals’ scouting director, Chris Correa, who will spend 46 months in prison after being convicted for illicitly accessing Astros’ computers and scouting information. Barron analyzes why the punishment is so severe, and whether this sort of cybercrime might be more prevalent in sports than some are willing to admit. Barron also covers the Olympics and he will be on hand in Rio to report on the competitions. Barron gets into some local products who may be poised to have a big month in Rio, particularly Spring’s Simone Biles, a gold-medal favorite in as many as four events.

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Nice Attacks, Pokemon Go, Aaron Bruski on the NBA & Rockets discussion with Alykhan Bijani

Welcome to the 52nd episode of The Weekly Brew podcast. You might think that, it being a weekly podcast, and this being the 52nd episode, that this would be a birthday episode for us, but that is NOT THE CASE. Since we had some bonus episodes thrown in along the way, you’ll have to wait till the week of August 11th for us to celebrate our podiversary. But nevertheless, we do have a terrific show for you this week.

A terrorist, driving a 20-ton truck, killed 84 people in Nice this week, and friend of the show Jason Lawrence calls us from France, where he was staying only blocks away from the massacre, to discuss the city’s response to the tragedy and its efforts to return to normal, day-to-day life.

Austin, Jeremy and Kevin launch into some discussion of the worldwide phenomenon of Pokemon Go, which Kevin plays but is very ashamed of and secretive about, and Kevin shares some shocking information he learned from the Iraqi General Security Directorate about the hidden meaning behind some of the Pokemon names.

Aaron Bruski, founder of, cohost of the Koz and Bru Show and an award-winning basketball writer, joins us to take a look at the NBA landscape following Kevin Durant’s move to Golden State, and whether the creation of the latest NBA superteam will have any ramification on the CBA, which both parties may opt out of before December of this year. Bruski enlightens us on where Blake Griffin is likely to wind up (hint: not Los Angeles) and we discuss whether LeBron, having now fulfilled his promise to bring home a championship to Cleveland, is a Cavs lifer or whether he is free to pursue an on-court reunion with his Banana Boat crew elsewhere.

Finally, Alykhan Bijani, otherwise known as @Rockets_Insider on Twitter, a writer for and Hardwood Paroxysm and one of Houston’s own resident basketball gurus, calls in to discuss the Rockets’ offseason. The team’s biggest move, re-upping James Harden to a 4-year $118 million deal, means stability and a continued opportunity to build around the league’s best two-guard. Ryan Anderson fits Morey’s system perfectly and Eric Gordon’s injury history may not be as worrisome as advertised.

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Astros talk with Ryan Dunsmore; Black Lives Matter/ Dallas shooting

Welcome in to Episode 51 of The Weekly Brew podcast. It has been a sad, challenging week in America, with Alton Sterling and Philando Castile dying at the hands of police in Louisiana and Minnesota and Micah Johnson shooting and killing five police officers in Dallas shortly thereafter.

Kevin, Austin and Jeremy examine the recent shootings and, in particular, the advent of Facebook Live video and the impact of social media on the way America experiences and responds to violent tragedies.

Fortunately, sports still go on and act as a much-needed respite during times of tribulation. Ryan Dunsmore, managing editor of SB Nation’s The Crawfish Boxes, joins us to talk about the Astros, who have been one of the best teams in the MLB since May. He shares some insight into what’s fueled the turnaround and whether Dallas Keuchel has finally turned the corner, returning to his Cy Young form.

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Ep. 50: NBA Free Agency & O.J. Made in America with TSRN’s Adrian Holden

Welcome to this, the 50th episode of The Weekly Brew podcast. This week, Adrian Holden – of TSRN – joins us to take a long, hard look at the acclaimed ESPN 30 for 30 documentary O.J.: Made in America,

But first, NBA Free Agency has been absolutely bonkers. Mike Conley, a reliable two-way point guard who has never been considered one of the best three NBA players at his position, was given the largest contract in league history. Dwight Howard flees for Atlanta as Al Horford, flees to Boston, according to sources, at least in part out of a desire not to play with Howard. The Rockets sign Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon for a combined $133 million over four years, consummating a years long love affair between GM Daryl Morey and the three-point shooting former Pelican. We get into it all.

Then, Adrian sits in and shares his insight into his repeated (like, five or six) viewings of O.J.: Made in America. It is that good, and part of the reason is what the discussion of the decades-old case reveals about the state of America at the moment, and [spoiler alert] it’s not great news.

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