Chron’s Joseph Duarte; Aussie DJ Brooke Evers; Election 2016; Super Bowl Review


The guys are all finally together, podcasting from the same room as they analyze the pitiful competition, commercials and halftime show that comprised Super Bowl 50. Does Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton have a body language problem? Is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning one of the best of all time at the position?

Next, the guys wade into the political morass that was the Iowa Caucus, though it is uncertain whether Kevin could locate the Corn Belt state on a map. Donald Trump’s campaign is showing some cracks and Bernie Sanders’s supporters are evidently taking to Tinder to spread the #FeeltheBern message, which has the company locking supporters’ accounts.

Joseph Duarte, University of Houston beat writer for the Houston Chronicle, joins to talk #HTownTakeover, National Signing Day and analyze the college athletics landscape, determining where Houston falls in the grander scheme going forward. Duarte also breaks down how the field of sports journalism is evolving (or possibly devolving) as technology advances.

Finally, Australian DJ Brooke Evers calls in to talk about her music, her experience being a woman in a male-dominated EDM scene and talk about her upcoming show at Houston’s Proof Rooftop Lounge, Friday Feb. 12, part of her #IPartiedWithBrookeEvers tour. She shares her distinctly Aussie perspective on the music scene, and is not to be missed.

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