John McClain talks Texans; Jeremy Branham talks University of Houston Football & Basketball

Welcome to Episode 69! This week, Chron’s John McClain and Sports Radio 610’s Jeremy Branham join us to talk Houston sports on The Weekly Brew, the Voice of Houston.

John McClain is no stranger to The Weekly Brew, having joined us on no fewer than four other occasions. He calls in to talk a little Texans, a little Baylor, this and that. Listen, the guy is one of the most veteran, locked-in voices in Houston sports, and he can talk whatever he wants, even if he does throw cold water on the Chad Morris-to-Baylor storyline.

Jeremy Branham is also an old friend of the show. He is a sideline reporter for UH Football, and he shares some insights from the huge upset victory over Louisville Thursday, and delves into Tom Herman’s future with the team and the impact of yet another UH victory over a top-5 squad. Branham is also now the play-by-play voice of UH Cougar Basketball, and will be hosting coach’s shows with Kelvin Sampson every week, and he talks a little bit about what to expect from the team this season (hint: NCAA Tournament berth) and the long-term trajectory of the program under Coach Sampson (hint: future is bright).

As usual, terrific guests with terrific takes get into anything and everything Houston sports. That’s, after all, why we’re the Voice of Houston (according to us, and we would know: we are the Voice of Houston), and to the listeners, we say both thank you and you’re welcome.

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And remember guys, no matter who you are, where you go or what you do, always, ALWAYS brew responsibly.

Last Chance U’s Brittany Wagner; Texan Live’s Jeremy Branham; Rio 2016 and Ryan Lochte

Welcome to the 57th episode of The Weekly Brew, the undisputed “Voice of Houston” (according to us). This week, Brittany Wagner, the athletic academic counselor profiled in the Netflix documentary Last Chance U, and Dynamo play-by-play commentator and Texan Live broadcaster Jeremy Branham join us to talk sports and life.

First, the guys delve back into the rapidly concluding Rio 2016 Olympic Games where – since we last recorded – much more has come to light on the Ryan Lochte front. Kevin intended to make a Brian Williams joke on-air, but a quick Google searched revealed that he was approximately the eight millionth person to think of that joke, so he wisely stayed away from that well-worn territory.

Next, Brittany Wagner, the beleaguered athletic academic advisor at East Mississippi Community College – the breakout star of Last Chance U – joins us to share some insight into the process of making the documentary and talk a bit about how colleges are failing athletes, including a brief look at her proposal to allow top-tier players to ‘major in sports.’ Wagner also speaks to whas has happened to Ronald Ollie, John Franklin III and D.J. Law since filming wrapped, and what we can expect from season two of Last Chance U.

Finally, Jeremy Branham – the voice of the Houston Dynamo – joins us to promote the new Texan Live high school football magazine. Houston is one of the deepest talent pools in all of high school sports, sending impact players to blue chip programs in the Big 12, SEC and more, but it all starts right here in HTown. Branham shares some information about programs to watch this year (like Katy, Pearland, North Shore, George Ranch and Manvel) and players you simply have to see (like Friendswood quarterback Tyler Page) and what fans can expect from this year’s crop of high school football teams. He also tries to convince Kevin and Austin that they should start watching more Dynamo soccer, but only time will tell if he won them over.

Finally, Austin and Kevin make a ‘very special announcement’ about how they’ll be spending their Friday nights this fall. SPOILER ALERT: They’ll be broadcasting high school football games every week with Texan Live, so you can hear The Weekly Brew on your radio dial, bringing you some of the best high school football action in the city.

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And guys, this week, remember: no matter who you are, where you go or what you do, always, ALWAYS, brew responsibly.