Rice Football’s David Bailiff; ROOT SPORTS’ Kevin Eschenfelder; Chron’s Adam Coleman

Welcome to episode 58 of The Weekly Brew podcast – the Voice of Houston, as we’re now saying, because it turns out that if you want to call yourself that, NO ONE CAN STOP YOU. There’s no rigorous vetting process; no application and screening. We’re just the Voice of Houston now. It’s that easy!

It’s another jam-packed, terrific show, highlighting some of the best of what’s going on in the world of Houston sports, but also with a shoutout to fellow Houston podcasters Heaven, Hell or Houston and The Stacks. If you’re into Houston like we are, check those shows out, because they’re great examples of what creative, interesting people are independently producing in HTown.

First up, the guys make some college football predictions, during which Jeremy flip-flops and steals one of Austin’s pre-show College Football Playoff picks. Safe to say, the BrewCast will be keeping future picks a little closer to the vest from now on.

Next, head coach of Rice Football, David Bailiff, joins the podcast to talk Owls football – as he says, you can’t spell “bowl” without “owl,” which is lexicographically sound. We checked. Bailiff talks about how last season’s struggles drive this year’s team (“there’s power in failure”), and he talks about the unique joys of working with academically gifted athletes – a far cry from what Brittany Wager of Last Chance U (episode 57) deals with on a day-to-day basis.

After, second-time guest Kevin Eschenfelder, the Voice of Houston Cougar Football (on the radio) joins the show to talk a little Astros, but mostly preview the University of Houston football season, starting with week one’s matchup against Oklahoma. Esch provides some insight into how Tom Herman has changed the culture at UH and talks about what makes his quarterback, Greg Ward, Jr., so special. Eschenfelder also previews a new partnership between ROOT SPORTS and the Valenti School of Communication at UH, in which students will be assisting in the production of the weekly coaches shows Eschenfelder will host. He hopes to impart some wisdom, and we hope those students listen, because this guy knows the deal.

Finally, old friend of the show, Adam Coleman (whom longtime listeners might remember had Kevin’s current job before he got hired on at the Chronicle) calls in to talk a little about Rice Football and speak to the brand-new Chronicle app High School Sports Live, which he says will put Houston high school football fans in touch with their favorite teams in a radical, game-changing new way.

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And guys, please remember this week: no matter who you are, where you go or what you do, always, ALWAYS brew responsibly.

NBA Playoffs & Astros; ROOT SPORTS’ Kevin Eschenfelder, USA Today’s AJ Neuharth-Keutsch, TheDreamShake’s Ethan Rothstein

Welcome to the 46th episode of The Weekly Brew podcast – we hit the NBA, Astros and college football hard this week, welcoming in ROOT SPORTS anchor and announcer Kevin Eschenfelder, USA Today national basketball writer AJ Neuharth-Keusch and Ethan Rothstein of SB Nation’s Houston Rockets blog The Dream Shake.

But first, Austin, Kevin, Jeremy and Dolores dive into the passing of legendary athlete, boxer Muhammad Ali, and his impact on sportswriting, boxing, politics and the world. The BrewCasters also delve into the Big 12’s perplexing decision to add a conference championship game to its round-robin schedule without any plans for expansion.

Next, Kevin Eschenfelder, sports anchor for ROOT SPORTS and the Voice of Cougar Football, calls in to discuss the recent success the Astros have enjoyed since moving George Springer into the leadoff spot in the lineup. Esch also delves into the rest of the Astros roster and the potential for the rest of the team’s season before getting into the nuts and bolts of working with ROOT SPORTS on the pre- and post-game shows. Esch is also a University of Houston alum and indulges Kevin with some discussion of the upcoming college football season and the potential Heisman candidacy of Greg Ward Jr. and the future of Tom Herman with the Cougar Football program.

AJ Neuharth-Keusch covers the NBA for USA Today and he discusses the incredible Western Conference Finals we just witnessed, the job Billy Donovan has done with the Oklahoma City Thunder and whether or not Donovan’s success at the helm of the team will have an impact on Kevin Durant’s free agency decision. Then AJNK breaks down the NBA Finals, including an ABC record most-watched Game One, and what the Cavaliers need to do to win this series. Where does LeBron rank now amongst the best players in the NBA? Also, what in the heck is up with James Harden getting overlooked for all three All-NBA squads?

Finally, Ethan Rothstein, managing editor of SB Nation’s The Dream Shake, comes on to talk some Houston Rockets basketball. The Rockets have a new head coach – Mike D’Antoni. The reaction has been, at best, mixed, and Rothstein examines the fit and looks at some of the coaches Leslie Alexander passed over in favor of D’Antoni, particularly Frank Vogel, now with the Orlando Magic. Rothstein also looks at what might happen with Dwight Howard and whether he might possibly find himself in a Rockets jersey yet again next season, and what Daryl Morey might potentially do about that. Rothstein also gets into the historic offensive season from James Harden and what it means that he was left out of the All-NBA squads entirely.

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