Ep. 50: NBA Free Agency & O.J. Made in America with TSRN’s Adrian Holden

Welcome to this, the 50th episode of The Weekly Brew podcast. This week, Adrian Holden – of TSRN – joins us to take a long, hard look at the acclaimed ESPN 30 for 30 documentary O.J.: Made in America,

But first, NBA Free Agency has been absolutely bonkers. Mike Conley, a reliable two-way point guard who has never been considered one of the best three NBA players at his position, was given the largest contract in league history. Dwight Howard flees for Atlanta as Al Horford, flees to Boston, according to sources, at least in part out of a desire not to play with Howard. The Rockets sign Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon for a combined $133 million over four years, consummating a years long love affair between GM Daryl Morey and the three-point shooting former Pelican. We get into it all.

Then, Adrian sits in and shares his insight into his repeated (like, five or six) viewings of O.J.: Made in America. It is that good, and part of the reason is what the discussion of the decades-old case reveals about the state of America at the moment, and [spoiler alert] it’s not great news.

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