Trump + North Korea; Astros Slumping; Terror in Charlottesville

Austin and Jeremy open the show by discussing the war of words between The White House and the North Korea, and what it means for regional stability for the U.S. and its allies. Then, the guys talk key surprises during preseason football and celebrate that college football is just two weeks away.

Hunter Atkins and Derek Fogel then join Austin in studio to analyze the faltering Astros and whether or not they can regain their composure and winning ways heading into the postseason. Derek also offers his expert analysis on the mental and physical strain of the bullpen, and why they could be the key to success in October. Derek is a total pro — his insight is a must listen.

The show closes as Austin and Jeremy discuss the domestic terrorism in Virginia and whether or not President Trump responded in an appropriate manner.

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VYPE Houston’s Matt Malatesta; Houston chef Jonny Rhodes; Kevin Kiley on Kathryn Smith; a UVA student held hostage in North Korea; NBA All-Star reserve picks

Matt Malatesta, Editor-in-Chief and cofounder of VYPE Magazine, calls in ahead of National Signing Day (February 3) to talk about the fertile recruiting bed that is Houston, sharing some of his insights into covering high school sports and recruiting, and illuminating some of the most exciting athletes he’s seen and covered, both this season and in years past (and you better believe Matt brings up podcast-favorite, Kentucky commit and Cy Lakes senior De’Aaron Fox).

Austin, Jeremy and Kevin are intrigued by the story of UVA student Otto Warmbier, currently detained in North Korea for a “hostile act” against the state with the goal of “bringing down the foundation of its single-minded unity,” (whatever that means) and get into the advisability of traveling in a country with what can be fairly called a problematic attitude towards foreigners.

The guys also explore the regrettable, misogynistic ranting from Cleveland-area radio host Kevin Kiley, who blasted Rex Ryan and the Bills on his show this week in response to their hiring of Kathryn Smith as special teams quality-control coach, the first woman with a full-time NFL coaching position. Kiley manages to make Don Draper look like Eleanor Roosevelt with his ugly outburst, and the feminist watchdogs at The Weekly Brew are all over it.

Houston-area chef — and ex-marine — Jonny Rhodes calls in to promote his new Jensen Chronicles pop-up series of events, in which he takes over a restaurant, providing a menu (and dishes) that are entirely locally sourced, drawing on his experience in Afghanistan and the middle east to put together a delectable menu that Houstonians are sure to enjoy.

Finally, Kevin attempts to break down the latest NBA news, including analyzing the All-Star starters and giving his reserve picks, but is forced to do so entirely alone, a scary and uncomfortable experience for him, though he soldiers on through it commendably.

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